The snow is so beautiful!
War is ugly.
A peaceful soul bound by duty.

Intelligent ideas used for ignorant things,
Children forced to fly without wings.

Brilliant minds with dull souls,
The sky is the limit yet full of holes.

People in love are mean to others,
Humanitarians who hate their mothers.

Strong healthy men with crippling fears,
For each cup of happiness a quart of tears.

Senility crowding institutions while the young succumb to cancer,
Every one is searching for an answer.

Women who have nothing,
Women who lack nothing.

Children who leave their homes,
Children to whom a home is unknown.

A child is born and in her mouth; a silver spoon,
Another is raised in doom and gloom.

These are the thoughts that rattle around in my head,
While others have gone to bed.

As I watch the snow fly,
I keep wondering why?




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What If?

Recently I was in a café and overheard a young couple obviously discussing whether or not they should have children.

It brought me back to more than 20 years ago when I myself was partaking in that very same discussion with a dear friend of mine.

“It seems cruel and selfish” my friend had said. “to bring a child into a world that has so much poverty and sickness and violence and and and…..”

The list went on and on naming all that was wrong in the world. And I thought… as had always been my position on this subject,

But what if your child was the one? The one who cured cancer? Or who worked to alleviate poverty? Or brought people together in peace because of his or her incredible leadership and vision? Or found a way to have accessible clean water all over the planet?

There are many genuine, sound and valid reasons why couples choose not to bring children into the world but never make that choice based on fear of “what if”.

Because what if has so many beautiful possibilities.

What if?

STAY! Just a little bit longer ….

Christmas has left gently closing the door behind her,
Eggnog stains and chocolate wrappers the only reminder.

The garlands and wreaths have come off the door,
The wrapping paper, ribbons and bows in the way no more.

The Santa hats and stockings lovingly folded and packed away,
Infused with the laughter and cheer of that magical day.

The reindeer on pause, a vacation for Santa Claus.
Seasonal movies pushed to the back of the shelf,
We are left with Yuletide blessings and wealth.

Today the work week once again starts,
Let’s keep Christmas living in our hearts.


Thank you to Lori Greer for keeping it real.

Lori Greer in Portland

The holiday parties are in full swing.

Families and friends are coming  and going.

It’s a wonderful time to celebrate.

It’s a wonderful time to remember those who are alone.

It’s a wonderful time to remember the disenfranchised and the marginalized.

It’s a wonderful time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

20171212_105240.jpg Christmas Scene at the Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon ~Photo Lori Greer

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It is the eleventh month of the year.

Here in Canada it is the month we remember the fallen and celebrate our veterans.  It is the end of the fiscal year in many business organizations .

It is the month before that crazy month of December when many of us celebrate Christmas and the end of the calendar year .

It is the month when we turn back our clocks to observe Savings Time and thus it is dark , often raining and typically the beginning of cold weather .

For me personally it is a time when I sleep, I read, I listen to music, I reflect and… repeat .

I check-in with myself and review what I “KNOW”.

I KNOW that my feet are planted in the right part of the hemisphere.

I KNOW that the people who’s faces adorn the photographs scattered throughout my home are the right people.

I KNOW that I have brought more joy this past year than I have caused pain.

I KNOW that while there are some persons who don’t understand and who disagree with me there are more people who love me .

I KNOW that though I am starting to forget things I learned many new things this year .

I KNOW who I was, who I am and who I aspire to be .

Though I am unsure of exactly what detours I will be forced to make along the way I KNOW I am on the right path.

I KNOW the souls who are accompanying me are the right souls.

I KNOW how blessed I am.