The Bitch is Back

The Bitch is Back! 

That Bitch who’s name begins with a C is back.

I say; 

I thought we crushed her, 

stripped her of her power, 

brought her to her knees and sent her packing!  

I am told that we did. 

We won! 

She moved and left no forwarding address. 

The thing is ……

There are other Bitches out there .

They hang out on the corner of Evil Street and Malignant Avenue . 

They just sit there playing cards with the Devil and just when you start to relax and think the Bitch has lost your number one of them points that long damning finger nail and chooses you. 

How does she decide ?? 

What is the criteria ??  

How dare she? ? 

Is she just trying to fill her quota ; One in four, at random ? 

Is she jealous that we have figured out that we don’t need much in life except love, nourishment and health? 

Because it looks to me as though she sits back, observes and says ; 


There is a good man right there! Volunteering to help others, 


loving , 

a good father ,

good life partner …. 


I think I need to strike !  

With those beautiful attributes she must get bigger points . 

That must be it . 

Well you cheeky Bitch. 

I am on to you! 

You can put your tally book away, step away from Lucifer’s table and call it a day.

If you think you can come between us and change our chemistry, 

our make up, 

our 29 year collaboration,

your dead wrong ! 

We are coming for YOU! 

We will turn the tables on YOU! 

YOU are NOT  welcome here !


So Far Away……

So Far Away…

Carole King said it best when she said; “So far away, doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore? It would be so fine to see your face at my door…”

I am one of the lucky ones.

I have been fortunate enough to have a career that has allowed me to travel the world, The good sense to realize this good fortune, The health to enjoy it’s many excursions and the heart to make long lasting friends in each of the ports.

The trouble is; Though of course I am fortunate to live with my wonderful husband and live near my equally amazing daughter and her boyfriend ; no matter where I find myself I am missing someone who I love.

While it is true that the information age that we live in allows us to be in touch through Social Media and FaceTime it provides but short sound bites and moments in each other’s lives.

I long for the lazy afternoons, cosy fireside evenings, discovery walkabouts, intimate conversations and fierce embraces of my many friends and family spread across the universe.

I want to hear from you that things are OK, I would like to help if I know that they are not . I want to “see” that you are happy. I cannot tell this by the image you present on Facebook.

Simply put; the world is too large for me to have your faces at my door. So as I sit here on this rainy Sunday afternoon from my tiny vantage point on my wee speck of the globe listening to Carole King, I am thinking of you all and your beautiful faces.

“It would be so fine to see your face at my door.”


PS You can find me at 46°13’12.71″N and a longitude of 64°32’4.87″W or 46.220197 and -64.534687 r


What is Family?

It’s the way everyone remembers that incident a little bit differently.

It’s the commonality of the stubborn, thick and curly hair and the emphatic hand gestures we all practice.

It’s the genuine embrace with which we greet one another. The shared happiness for each other’s good fortune and the empathy for one another’s “sticky bits”.

It’s the warmth within the eyes, the strength of that embrace and the force of the pats on the back.

It’s the intent look on the faces of the listeners, in the animated story tellers of the moment and in the raucous laughter that ensues.

It’s the music carefully selected for the occasion, the combined culinary feast and the empty wine bottles.

It’s the assembling, the arguing and the fussing that goes into producing that day’s family photographs and in the comparing of heights of the children and the maturing of the adults in photos from previous gatherings.

It’s the welcoming of new members as they either join themselves to one of ours or bring a new baby into the clan. It’s the delight for these new members who do not yet know what a merry band they have joined.

It’s the way we pick up where we left off sometimes more than a year ago. It’s the unspoken words and the way time stands still when we are together.

It’s the colors, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and the love.

That is a family. It’s MY family.

The Room

Her nest is empty once again,
So everything is different and yet …..the same.
Only sweet memories remain ,
Felt especially today with all this rain.

Gone are the children, the dogs and the rabbits,
And all those accompanying habits.

She applies fresh paint to the newly vacated room,
Ignoring the aching feeling in her womb.

She remembers 20 years ago when she first saw this room,
And dreamed of all the functions she knew it would assume.

As she paints she recalls;

So much love in these four walls….

At one time,a small child’s bedroom inhabited by teddy bears and dolls,
Later on replaced with computer games and posters on the walls.

This space has held countless bowls of popcorn on many movie nights,
And held many hands during illness frights.
It has witnessed studying with all one’s might,
along with practicing until things were right.

Dreaming of careers and futures bright,
Finding Mr. Right to everyone’s delight !

Children taking flight.
A litany of beautiful sites and great heights.

But it’s not yet finished,
Not quite!
It’s time to hold on tight!
Paint this room in a new light!

As the laughing children still play in the corner of her mind,
She turns towards the future, Also laughing, also kind.

The site of two old lovers sitting side-by-side,
Very much enjoying the rest of this ride.
Sharing a smart and beautiful daughter in which they take pride.

Perhaps still to come, a grandbaby or two,
So many things to look forward to,
In this room ….with its ever-beautiful view.

I Thought of You

I thought of you the whole time I was driving to St. A because the last time I did that drive we had a phone date for when I arrived

but when I did arrive and I phoned you, you were already on your way to the hospital and you were already changing my life forever.

I thought  of you during my training session because you would have been looking forward to hearing about it and I would have been anxious to share it with you.

I thought of you because you were a reference for this new employment and you would have been proud.

I thought of you when I returned from St. A.  as the last time I returned from St. A. you were preparing for your final voyage.

I thought of you because it was my Birthday and you would have sent the perfect Birthday card and gift.

I thought of you because while in St. A. I wore the turquoise, silver chandelier earrings you gave me which did not go with my outfit but I wore them anyway.

I thought of you because I purchased seven books at the used – book sale and when I got home I piled them all around me, lovingly bending their spines, smelling their pages and reading the inside and outside jackets , slowly getting acquainted with my new literary characters and you would have understood that about me .

I thought of you because my love and I were celebrating our Anniversary and you would have known how much that meant to me.

I thought of you because I went out to dinner with my daughter and you were always such a great supporter of her .

I thought of you because it is Sunday and you would have wished me a pleasant and peaceful  week ahead .

I thought of you “because”





Vintage Value: Ode to the Seasoned Career Person in the New Age of Business


I may be slower to learn now but my vast experience is quick to help.

I may struggle sometimes with today’s business technology but I am an expert in reading people.

You may not see me on Twitter, Snapchat and the like but I have seen the world and it’s beautiful places as well as many cultures.

I may not know my way around social media but I have been around Rock Stars, princes and hobos alike.

I may not know how to run a software application but I have run successful businesses.

I may not intuitively find errors in spreadsheets but I find my way to peoples hearts and I know where mine is at all times.

I am not wasting paper. I am printing a document so I may hold it in my hands, make annotations in the margins and underline certain passages. This will help my learning…

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