Vintage Value: Ode to the Seasoned Career Person in the New Age of Business

I may be slower to learn now but my vast experience is quick to help.

I may struggle sometimes with today’s business technology but I am an expert in reading people.

You may not see me on Twitter, Snapchat and the like but I have seen the world and it’s beautiful places as well as many cultures.

I may not know my way around social media but I have been around Rock Stars, princes and hobos alike.

I may not know how to run a software application but I have run successful businesses.

I may not intuitively find errors in spreadsheets but I find my way to peoples hearts and I know where mine is at all times.

I am not wasting paper. I am printing a document so I may hold it in my hands, make annotations in the margins and underline certain passages. This will help my learning and ultimately help you.

I sometimes forget word for word the many processes/policies you ask of me but that is because there are many more policies and processes stored in my brain than you may ever come across.

I am not the best multitasker when it comes to doing social media while answering a client in person, while talking on the telephone and signing a document but when I am speaking with you you have my FULL attention.

I am vintage but I bring value.

I will strive to be all that YOU need me to BE but I will not apologize for how I – BE.


The Ghosts of Summers Past


The Ghosts of Summers Past:

I walked on my beloved beach today. As it was a spectacular beach day of the season they all came out….

My baby girl, fat-cheaked and bare-bottomed toddled drunkenly towards the surf spilling the contents of her water pail.

My young father, with his pants rolled-up waded in and out of the shallow water washing off the seashells and smooth stones he collected.

My friends the mommies and our little girls were there too! Three little gap-toothed angels sitting on the edge of their towels spitting out watermelon seeds.

My cousin Sally waited for me in the yellow rubber dinghy- boat. I did not go aboard though as I knew we would only get into that childhood argument about who had the longest hair and she would win, and I did not wish for her to win.

My young mom also appeared, with her beautiful…

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There’sNO Day like a SNOW Day


Don’t get me wrong; it disrupts peoples’ workdays, school days and appointments. It involves treacherous road conditions should you be needed “out there”.

But if you’re lucky enough that you don’t have to brave it “out there” a “snow – day” is now one of the rare times when your household is connected (ironically because of the disconnection of technological toys). It’s one of the few times when you are in the same room together, forced to congregate around the one functioning heat source. It’s a time when you are enlisted in face-to-face conversation due to the lack of social media.

If you are blessed by further good fortune the power will be knocked out just long enough to warrant candlelight, snuggling under a blanket and sharing tall tales in to the night.

Before you know it you will be sharing stories you’ve never told before. Kids will be learning…

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