The Mission

It’s 3:45 on a Sunday afternoon.

I am basking in the sun, feeling it’s warmth. I am recharging my soul, my equilibrium, my strength and all that is good in me.

I am listening to Ennio Morricone’s “The Mission” and if you are not familiar with it…… Do yourself a favour..… Take a listen at this very moment…… Go ahead…… I’ll wait……The Mission

Ennio wrote this music to accompany the movie The Mission. The movie is set in a Jesuit mission in 18th century South America and stars Jeremy Irons and Robert Denero. It is a story of penance and redemption .

Even if you never see the Movie -the music is an absolute interpretation of incredible strength, determination and will, of staggering odds, of deep rooted yearning for redemption and hope and a light at the end of a very long and merciless tunnel.

I hear the struggle, the yearning for forgiveness and the unbearable lightness of absolution.

There is much that is not right in the world at the moment but I am hopeful , this music makes me hopeful.

It must become our mission to right the wrongs.


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