Honouring Kay on her 90th Birthday


My Aunty Kay is so caring , ready for anything and full of fun that she was named for exactly those things:

K for “KIND”

Let me illustrate;


Stray dogs, stray cats, friends of friends, other peoples’ children, extra daughters ☺, people new to our country without a family of their own to go to at Christmas time ( I particularly remember a certain Nick the Greek), all manner of people found their way to the dinner table, to the couch (gosh knows there was no extra bed ) to the party.

Everyone was welcome in my auntie Kay’s house.


Always ready to go!

Make up on!

High heels and a pretty frock.

“All dolled up” we used to call it.

On a long train ride for an unexpected trip to Gaspé with her younger sister Ann.


An 8 hour drive jammed in to a Ford Mercury with four adults and four kids all the way from Montreal to Sept Isles, Quebec; the lack of mandatory seatbelt law at the time made it easy to double up: double the fun, double jeopardy, double the adventure.

Even a pub crawl in jolly old England made its way on Kay’s adventure list.

Kay was always ready to go!


To this very day I know if we are out somewhere and Kay hear’s a song that she likes, no matter where she is and who is watching she will get up and dance 💃🏼 !

She will always be interested in knowing who the cool kids are and she will always be invited to their lunch table.

She is interested in knowing what young people are up to and genuinely proud of all.

Laughing is a part of her daily diet.

I ought to know;

I was often the one at the dinner table, or on the couch.

I rode along on a few of her adventures,

And many an early morning she listened while we recounted our adventures of the night before.

Aunty Kay today is YOUR day!

To celebrate your 90 rotations around the sun ☀️ your three daughters are with you , your fourth daughter is looking down on you with love and your fifth daughter is sitting right here thinking of you today with a big grin on her face and a heart full of love for you.

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Auntie Kay!

Keep a spot on your couch, A few bananas and the peanut butter jar out for me because you never know when I might come and get me some lovin’


4 thoughts on “Honouring Kay on her 90th Birthday

  1. Suanne Wrote:
    “Such a beautiful soul your Kay! You must be missing those special gatherings and moments. Especially as time marches on without regard for our wishes to STOP! You honour her well ‎with your eloquence and thoughtful memories. X0”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joan Wrote:
    “Well, Judith-I think you have inherited many things from this
    wonderful Aunt! Her personality reminds me a great deal of Yours!

    These blogs are so interesting and meaningful-I hope you publish them
    one day-they are a great read! love, Joan.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was fabulous darling!!! Just showed Kay she was deeply touched! S
    She sends her luv and there will always be a place on the coach for you even in heaven! Bye for now Luv you xxxooo

    Liked by 1 person

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