Vintage Value: Ode to the Seasoned Career Person in the New Age of Business

I may be slower to learn now but my vast experience is quick to help.

I may struggle sometimes with today’s business technology but I am an expert in reading people.

You may not see me on Twitter, Snapchat and the like but I have seen the world and it’s beautiful places as well as many cultures.

I may not know my way around social media but I have been around Rock Stars, princes and hobos alike.

I may not know how to run a software application but I have run successful businesses.

I may not intuitively find errors in spreadsheets but I find my way to peoples hearts and I know where mine is at all times.

I am not wasting paper. I am printing a document so I may hold it in my hands, make annotations in the margins and underline certain passages. This will help my learning and ultimately help you.

I sometimes forget word for word the many processes/policies you ask of me but that is because there are many more policies and processes stored in my brain than you may ever come across.

I am not the best multitasker when it comes to doing social media while answering a client in person, while talking on the telephone and signing a document but when I am speaking with you you have my FULL attention.

I am vintage but I bring value.

I will strive to be all that YOU need me to BE but I will not apologize for how I – BE.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Value: Ode to the Seasoned Career Person in the New Age of Business

  1. This is great, and oh so true. I especially appreciate the point about the number of policies/procedures/processes contained in your average vintage brain.
    You’ve once again expressed in a fun, but still serious, manner something about which we all need occasional reminding.
    Please, keep writing your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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