The Ghosts of Summers Past


The Ghosts of Summers Past:

I walked on my beloved beach today. As it was a spectacular beach day of the season they all came out….

My baby girl, fat-cheaked and bare-bottomed toddled drunkenly towards the surf spilling the contents of her water pail.

My young father, with his pants rolled-up waded in and out of the shallow water washing off the seashells and smooth stones he collected.

My friends the mommies and our little girls were there too! Three little gap-toothed angels sitting on the edge of their towels spitting out watermelon seeds.

My cousin Sally waited for me in the yellow rubber dinghy- boat. I did not go aboard though as I knew we would only get into that childhood argument about who had the longest hair and she would win, and I did not wish for her to win.

My young mom also appeared, with her beautiful…

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2 thoughts on “The Ghosts of Summers Past

  1. Joan Wrote;
    “You express memories,and how precious they are, so beautifully! A
    thought, a bit of music, and I am right there! Back in Paris,
    laughing with my children-Memory is such a comfort!”

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