There’sNO Day like a SNOW Day

Don’t get me wrong; it disrupts peoples’ workdays, school days and appointments. It involves treacherous road conditions should you be needed “out there”.

But if you’re lucky enough that you don’t have to brave it “out there” a “snow – day” is now one of the rare times when your household is connected (ironically because of the disconnection of technological toys). It’s one of the few times when you are in the same room together, forced to congregate around the one functioning heat source. It’s a time when you are enlisted in face-to-face conversation due to the lack of social media.

If you are blessed by further good fortune the power will be knocked out just long enough to warrant candlelight, snuggling under a blanket and sharing tall tales in to the night.

Before you know it you will be sharing stories you’ve never told before. Kids will be learning things about their parents they never knew and everyone will be secretly disappointed that the electricity has come back.

Sometimes you have to sit in the dark to see the light. Sometimes you have to fit under one small blanket to realize how well you all fit together. Sometimes you have to get really close to the storm to realize that you are safe.


7 thoughts on “There’sNO Day like a SNOW Day

  1. I Love this read and can truly relate! I think your statement, “sometimes you have to sit in the dark to see the light”: should be a refrigerator magnet! Love the way that you share your thoughts! Thank you…

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