It’s 2 years since I first wrote this. Now more than ever we need to embrace ” different”


Everybody is different;

Fat, skinny
Smart, silly
Homely, pretty
Country, city.

Black, white
Day, night
Dull, bright
Wrong, right.

Actors, singers
Circus ring leaders,
Followers, leaders
Make – believers.

Haters, lovers
Sisters, brothers
Warriors, fighters
Love – one – anothers.

Sinners, healers
Students, teachers
Pioneers, doers
Sitters – on – bleachers.

Laughers, cryers
Truth – tellers, liars
Discreet, pryers
Don’t – bat-an-eyers.

Salty, sweet
Veggies, meat
Energetic, beat
Messy, neat.

Advance, retreat
Unfinished, complete
Corpulent, petite
Victory, defeat.

Athletic, lame
Crazy, sane
Healthy, in pain
Proud, shamed.

Rich, poor
Flamboyant, demure
Childish, mature
Straight – ahead, detour
Blended, pure
Uncertain, sure
Evident, obscure
Diseased, cured
Diced, skewered

Composed, frazzled
Cottages, castles
Easy -does – it , hassles.

Assembly line workers,
Poets and cursers
Snatchers of purses.

Short paragraphs,
Long verses
Levity, terseness
Rigidity, diverse-ness.

DIFFERENT keeps the earth spinning,
the flowers growing,
the birds singing.


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