Doing Nothing

It’s 5 AM on a frigid winter morning.  Only four more sleeps before Santa drops down our very busy (these days)  chimney .

I still have things to purchase, plan, wrap and I am in the midst of  a crazy busy six day work week.  Truth is; this has been the scene for the last month and I know I am not alone.

Most of us mere mortals are squeezed in between our massive to – do list, work deadlines, carpools, multitudes of holiday functions and events, stuffing children into snow suits, standing in grocery lines, shoveling, attending meetings and a little laundry thrown in for good measure.

I’m fairly certain that like myself none of you ever have to worry if you  need your weekend nanny or your weekday housekeeper  nor do you forget what time your chauffeur is picking you up.  How fortunate we are not to have these worries along with all else that sits on our collective plates .

And so ..,,I arrange my alarm for 5 AM. I light the Christmas tree. I light the fire. I stare into the flames and warm my hands with my hot cup of Joe  and I do…… NOTHING!

My husband on his way to the bathroom ducks his head in and asks “what are you doing?”

“NOTHING!” I reply.  And I still have 10 minutes left ☺️

I hope you find a few minutes to do NOTHING today dear reader . That is my wish for you today  and every day .



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