Remembering Josie

If you ever met a woman who’s heart was larger than her entire body then you had  encountered  my Aunt Josie.

If you ever saw a tiny woman chopping wood while pregnant with twins or chasing rats in a wood shed or keeping five teenage boys in line your  eyes had alighted on my Aunt Josie.

If it was Christmas Day and you arrived not only unannounced but with your latest boyfriend in tow and there was not only a gift under the tree for yourself but for your boyfriend as well , it was Christmas at my Aunt Josie’s.

If it was any hour of the day or evening and you had a family of your own to go home to
but constantly found yourself with all the other neighbourhood kids even if you yourself were not from that neighbourhood you had arrived at my Aunt Josie’s.

** My Aunt Josie passed away a year ago at the age of 92. She will be sadly missed and forever fondly remembered by many of us. XO


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