Take The Long Way Home

Does this ever happen to you ?

Here I am ensconced in my more than 5 decades as a citizen of this earth. I am a mother, wife, mentor , working professional, I am driving responsibly on my way home from work in my work appropriate attire, coasting in my “seen better days” family small car.

I am about to take the grocery store exit because that is what is demanded of my established adult self when the radio station I am somewhat listening to plays Supertramp’s ” Take The Long Way Home”


and suddenly it’s 1979 again …..

I am at the wheel of my father’s Pontiac Le Mans


with my perfect eyesight, unblemished skin and the wind blowing in my Farah Fawcet hair!


It’s stinkin hot! My four windows are rolled down. I drive with one hand, the right one, while the left elbow is bended and resting on the open left window.

I am wearing a ” jump suit” a sort of one piece overall type outfit with a wide belt.

I am speeding just a little, I can feel the breeze on the back of my neck .The volume on the 8 Track tape is at stadium rock concert decibels. I am on my way to meet my cousins and best friends . The night is young , we are young , the night belongs to us 😊

I turn in to my respectable driveway an hour later having completely bypassed the grocery store .

I step out of the car with a smile on my face. My family asks ; How come you are late ?

I turn to them and say ; I took the long way home .

Where did you go ? They say .

1979 I reply .

Does this ever happen to you ?



8 thoughts on “Take The Long Way Home

  1. Joan wrote: “This was fun! music can take me back just like that-and I am right
    there, in church or a concert hall, watching, listening to my
    children play cello, violin or viola.Wonderful!!”

    Liked by 1 person

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