The Apprentice

For years she had been the one that people went to when they were looking for a show!

When they didn’t know what to do next, how to proceed, how to make it work, how to satisfy the parties involved.

When they were at a loss to make it look good, sound great and come in on time and on budget, how to make it sing!

It was she that they all came to.

She had done it while planning birthday parties, sorting laundry, putting ribbons in her daughter’s hair and making lunches.

You could say she had done it while hopping on one foot, one hand tied behind her back and whistling the whole time.

The fact that she was a master at what she did had not come to her overnight. It was an accumulation of years of learning a trade, practicing, learning from some of the best, learning from some of the worst, making notes, making mistakes, making friends, taking chances and listening to her heart.

Now three decades later, crows feet and wrinkles later , grey hairs and progressive lenses later she was an apprentice again.

New actors and entertainers, virtual stages, instant and real-time audiences and brand-new “never- been -plucked -at” before instruments shaped her world now.

She could only hope that her music would sustain her.


3 thoughts on “The Apprentice

  1. Joan Wrote: “Dear Judith-

    Oh, I don’t think this is an apprentice at all! This is someone with
    wonderful life experience and abilities that can be used in any
    situation that comes along! And learning all the new stuff out there
    is good for the brain! i think this person can go anywhere, and
    accomplish anything.”

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  2. You have proven yet again with the telling of this story that in spite of the passing years your creativity and grounded wondrous being prevails. The people you will now encounter have no idea the gifts they will receive from their new leader and mentor. They are blessed.

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