Rhyme? OR Reason?

I find myself yet again at a fork in the road.

Both paths lead to a future untold.

Which leads to my new abode?

Which one will leave me dark and cold?

Which one leads to a pot of gold?

I must decide if I am to hold,

Or fold?

Be bold?

Or allow myself to be cajoled?

One bend might lighten my load.

The other might find me in a chokehold.

It is time to remove my blindfold.

These things cannot be loopholed,

I am embracing the new and throwing out the old.

The past is sold.


I am ready to roll!


10 thoughts on “Rhyme? OR Reason?

  1. All those words…. Is what I feel…and the situation that we need to move on, from here…..and not being sure, but better trust… And hope and believe!!

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  2. Date: April 12, 2016 at 11:25:52 AM ADT
    To: Judith
    Subject: Re: [New post] Rhyme? OR Reason?

    This is so clever, Judith! I just chuckled when I read it. I hope
    some day you publish these inspirations!
    Come over and have a glass of wine when you are not busy-(HA!) Love, Joan.

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