The Choir


I don’t know about you? But I love choirs ! For those of you who have been reading me for a while you know I have a love of music, all sorts, all kinds. Choir music is no exception.

I have my mom to thank for this. No matter how many times our family moved around mom always found a choir to belong to and got great joy out of it.

I scour the local papers anywhere I visit to get a glimpse of church choirs and pageants for a few reasons:

One ; There are some things as sure and constant as the day following the night; every little country parish has their hidden virtuosos.

Two; the enormous, conflicted and rapid-fire world gets smaller, slows down and communes when a choir unleashes its magic.

So….on Sunday night I took myself to a church in the next town over from where I live to attend the Easter Choir and Pageant.


There were only 6 women and 1 man singing but their voices and harmonies were of a hundred people!

They sang among others two of my favorites;

1/ “Pie Jesu”
a text from the final couplet of the Dies irae , often included in musical settings of the Requiem Mass as a motet and made popular in 1985 by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Pie Jesu means sweet Jesus who takes away the sins of the world grant us peace. I can’t think of a greater objective .

2/Leonard Cohen’s “Allelujiah”

Along with the 6 singers there was a pianist, guitarist, flutist and violinist.

The ” tableau” was made up of parishioners, the costumes were wonderfully “home grown” with recognizable table cloths, dish towels, curtain cords and drapes:) the 12 Apostles were amusing in their robes, head dress and laced winter boots ☺️

The cost for the welling of my eyes and goose bumps ( yes they really touched me) a small donation. And after the feast for the ears ? Tea and coffee and a home made bake table in the church basement .

I did not partake in the sweets but after my donation I ensured I made my way to the front of the church to thank these heavenly voices for granting peace on earth, the belief that people are good and love for 90 minutes .

If you think Choir is not for you have a listen to this wonderful medley of popular choir choices including the aforementioned Pie Jesu. I bet that like me you will be moved ….

***Please note the video cannot be viewed/heard  on your mobile phone.

Once the first is finished other delicious pieces will play automatically.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these selections ..

Now turn up the sound and I give you peace .



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