Miss Ellie

Just read this little gem of a short story and thought you might also enjoy …

tongues of the ocean

Ellie is surprised when her only child, Bridgette, throws down her doll and runs to her when she walks through the door with a globe. Bridgette’s small hands gleefully grab the spherical object and begin spinning it to the left, and then to the right; the colours of the land and water quickly swish before their eyes, blurring into each other, then slowing down so they can make out different land masses and bodies of water.

Ellie points to England, a land that is far from the Caribbean Sea, and smiles at her daughter, “This is where it all started.”

Before she can say anything more, Bridgette spins the globe and enthusiastically tells her mother, “I’m going to marry someone from another place.”

Mother and daughter live in Freetown, a sleepy, quaint village on the eastern coast of Antigua that’s not close to any stores, nightlife or even a gas…

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