Sunday in the South

While others are in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba, Riviera Maya, Florida, pick your fave sunny spot ending in – a, I am in ….my living room-a!

Care to join me ?

Pull up a chair, take your socks and shoes off and roll up your pant legs.

On this Sunday in March the living room is completely filled with the warmest and brightest sun!

It’s warmth so great I am in shorts and undershirt. It’s rays so bright I am wearing shades while reading my book.

I am listening to the swell and fall of waves and the dolphins’ singing on my Sea-Scapes CD. I alter between that CD and a Calypso and Cuban music CD.

The ceiling fan is causing the leaves on the plants to sway. The sun beams catching the cut glass and decorative bottles on my windowsill , cast water currents and beach pebble shadows on the floor.

The book in my hand ? Why, “A Place in The Sun” of course ! The drink in my glass? Need you ask? Rum and Pineapple Juice.

My honey calls out from the kitchen … What shall we have for dinner?

Why, Barbecue ย of course !

The cost of my trip to living room-a? Imagination.

The value ? Priceless



8 thoughts on “Sunday in the South

  1. You painted a great visual. Coincidentally, I am spending my first Sunday in the South today. I will be here for three weeks in northern Alabama. The weather is gorgeous and I am in shorts drinking an iced coffee. Happy reading!

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