The Colour of Life

Pink; the color of our baby daughter’s cheeks,

Green; our luscious backyard trees will be in just a couple of weeks.

Orange; bonfires on a summer’s eve,

Rust; my favorite sweater’s sleeve.

Red are the hearts in my eyes for you,

White is your heart, honest and true.

Yellow is the sun warming me from head to feet,

Golden; the sandy beach at the end of our street.

Silver is the full and sensitive moon,

Purple skies announce that morning will be here soon.

Black is the quiet night sky,

Teal  is the blanket under which you and I lie.

Grey; the strands of our hair over the years,

Brown; your suntanned, comforting arms through my laughter  or my tears.

Navy; our newborn baby’s inquisitive eyes,

Lime; the fun in beer, tequila and… Pies!


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