The snow is so beautiful!
War is ugly.
A peaceful soul bound by duty.

Intelligent ideas used for ignorant things,
Children forced to fly without wings.

Brilliant minds with dull souls,
The sky is the limit yet full of holes.

People in love are mean to others,
Humanitarians who hate their mothers.

Strong healthy men with crippling fears,
For each cup of happiness a quart of tears.

Senility crowding institutions while the young succumb to cancer,
Every one is searching for an answer.

Women who have nothing,
Women who lack nothing.

Children who leave their homes,
Children to whom a home is unknown.

A child is born and in her mouth; a silver spoon,
Another is raised in doom and gloom.

These are the thoughts that rattle around in my head,
While others have gone to bed.

As I watch the snow fly,
I keep wondering why?



I put out the fire,
Dim the lights,
Make my way in the grey of night.

Without the glow of the moon and the bright snow,
My own house I no longer know.

Suddenly the answer comes to me;

Without “contrast” One cannot truly comprehend beauty.


12 thoughts on “Contrasts

  1. Good morning Cous! As I have always said about you especially after I have read, “ You have a way with word“, It is a Gift because the words do not just sit on a page but make us see and feel every intention. By doing so, allows us to understand the meaning which is so much more then meets the eye. It Opens our eyes allowing us to open our hearts and appreciate All that we have on a regular basis which at times would go unnoticed that would be a shame because our own thoughts and inner connection would go unperceived, this way at the same time it allows us to get to know who U are and ourselves on different levels!! This is Everything, This is Just Great… Thank You Judy Thank You so……….

    Jackie Big hug!!

    Liked by 1 person

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