Happy Fresh Begining!

Fresh Beginnings:

As the year 2015 is quickly coming to an end we all set our sights on the approaching New Year.

I like to think of it as the “Fresh Beginning” year.

More impactful than simply the New Year;

The Fresh Beginning year promises the road untraveled, the year of getting it right, the year where you start out slowly with trepidation and uncertainty, learn along the way and finish strong!

A New Year; like a new sweater bought in a store is wonderful at first , but soon it gets old and discarded like the others.

A Fresh Beginning by contrast allows you to pick out the pattern for that sweater, painstakingly
put it together with trial and error and …even if by some twist of fate this sweater does not turn out exactly as planned; how wonderful it was to map it out! To have learned so much as you undid it and started again, to ensure the perfect knit one-pearl two ! And most importantly .,,.to have survived the creating of it!

What kind of a Fresh Beginning will 2016 be for you dear reader ?

The year of romance ?
Fresh career?
Fresh new body image ?
Fresh learning ?
Fresh relationships ?
Home decor?
Animal adoption?

No matter which , I wish you a wonderful Fresh Begining Year!

Only 2 days left so …. pick out your colors, decide on the pattern/texture, get the sizing right, gather your tools and…………

Happy Fresh Begining to all of you! XO


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