The Santa Clause Parades

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

December 2009

I have just come in from my town’s Christmas Parade.

It was bouncing off the street rain,,,but the people were out in droves! I was looking around me at the many little tiny children and babies in their rain gear trying to see Santa through the fog and I thought to myself.;  Christmas is alive and well here!

That’s right! Take THAT!

I said Christmas!!

Not some wimpy- assed, chicken-shit, politically correct  “Happy Holidays” but a proud and loud old-fashioned Merry Christmas! and it is very much alive!

Judging by the volume of  families with iddy biddy children they obviously showed the finger to the threat of the H1N1 virus and stared the long arm of the cold-flu down as well and said…”Frig That”! It is raining and cold and miserable out and there will be crowds but we WILL go to our Santa Parade!

Good on them!

Of course I am very intimate with this Santa as he happens to live at the same house I do and I am among the spectators every bit as excited at seeing him than all the little ones around me. As I said;  I am standing alone in the crowd as my teen-age daughter and her friends are the obligatory 100 yards away from me for fear of being seen with her mom (it kind of works like a restraining order) and so because I am alone I am sure all who are around me are wondering who this loner “Big Bird” is  (I am wearing a yellow long ski jacket with the hood on) blowing kisses at Santa!

They are calling for rain tomorrow night as well but I’ll be at the Parade in the neighbouring town proudly wearing my Santa Hat and red mittens, standing  an appropriate 100 yards away from my daughter and her friends and I will be just as excited when this “other” Santa appears!

I just can’t help it…it’s Christmas!!!





One thought on “The Santa Clause Parades

  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS Judith! This has got to be my favorite post be far – I totally got a visual of my sweet Judith in her yellow ski jacket blowing kisses and the most handsome Santa’s of them all – and the teenagers in a distance acting like they don’t know you – just think – one day they will be sharing those moments with their kids – LOL I love have the circle never ends! Thank you for sharing this story and I hope you and your Santa have a very Merry Christmas! Love you – Mary

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