Maybe I’m just a great pretender but I am very fortunate to be blessed with a great imagination!

When our daughter was growing up we lived so many adventures together, went to so many places and met so many people due to my family’s imagination.

Many a rainy day the dining room chairs were lined up one behind the other in the living room ; my tall dark and handsome would don a makeshift pilot’s hat while I walked up and down the “aisle” beside the lined up chairs doling out snacks and juice boxes while our daughter and her friends settled into the chairs buckling up their pretend seat belts and flying with ” Imagine Air” to enchanting far away places. These flights of fancy often entailed arriving at imagined foreign destinations, made-up languages and drawing up emblems and symbols on napkin passports .

During our great Maritime winters where it is very cold but the sun shines, we would lay out our beach towels in front of the fire place, wear our shorts , flip flops and sunglasses while listening to Island music. A little suntan lotion at the nape of the neck, shoulders and feet insured all the senses got a shot at an “islands vacation” .

We could transform our tiny bathtub in our minuscule bathroom into a Spa experience that would rival any professional luxurious Spa.

Of course we all had comfortable beds. We even had beds for our guests, however there was nothing like getting into our sleeping bags on the floor beside our beds camping “in the wilds”. I distinctly remember having a particularly pesky toilet that hissed and always seemed to be mildly flushing which proved the perfect “babbling brook” down the hall from our fantasy camping.

Our bed often became a boat . Whether on calm waters where we could all lay back in a relaxing and carefree stance or rocking on high seas or sometimes we would have to pull our little one out of shark infested choppy waters and haul her to safety up in the bed / boat !

I fondly remember the picnics held by spreading a table cloth on the floor in front of the fire , sitting cross-legged. Pulling fat chopped egg sandwiches from our picnic basket and washing them down with cold lemonade convinced that there was grass at our feet and pollen in the air!

Next time you find yourself wanting to be somewhere else or need a respite from your day to day take your imagination out, dust it off and take it for a spin . The sky is the limit . I promise !

Now if you will excuse me I must be off to my dinner date with George Clooney while Amal is otherwise engaged 🙂



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