Room Service OR The Art of the Perfect Morning

There is nothing more wonderful than “Room Service” Breakfast.

Though most hotels now prefer the term ” In Room Dining ” , the experience and the feeling ( at least for me ) is the same.

It is not only that you don’t have to cook the breakfast, wash the dishes afterwards or even set the table. It is the pleasure of opening your eyes, taking the time to stretch while watching the morning sun filter through the curtains, projecting a miniature movie on the ceiling.

You hear the anticipated knock -knock on your door as your morning sustenance is delivered at the precise time arranged the night before for the exact moment you knew you would be ready this morning.

You throw on your robe, open your door and “Behold ” in comes the server with a smile and morning greeting which you feel is only for you.

A tray or table with linens and china and silverware, miniature jars of accompanying condiments, perfectly laid out, portions of butter and cream, all prepared with your personal morning experience in mind.

Almost always, there is an accompanying fresh flower reminding you that things are beautiful and even more important that you deserve it!

The server removes the cover and Voilà!!! An edible work of art, a feast for the eyes, a tickle for the palette a ticket to delicious -land, gateway to memories as you journey back to your grandmother’s house when you got to eat in bed on those rare days home from school.

Even when our daughter was very young she also delighted in this morning ritual. Painstakingly filling out the order forms and pouring over the choices with the same discipline and attention devoted to the Sears Christmas Wish Book. Carefully hanging the order on the doorknob as one might hang a Christmas Stocking on the mantel , anxious to say good night so the promise of In-Room Breakfast will hasten.

The ultimate indulgence of course requires that upon receiving your breakfast treasure you fluff your pillows, burrow under the covers and lay the breakfast tray on the bed, the better to spread out your morning newspaper while listening to a new -found local radio station.

Room Service breakfast; indulgent, decadent, comforting, peaceful and satisfying. The promise of a successful day.


2 thoughts on “Room Service OR The Art of the Perfect Morning

  1. …not only do I love room service (as you have so eloquently described) I am again falling in love with the English language and the senses aroused, when penned by an inspired writer, painter, lover of life. 🍳☕️

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