Things Are Not Always as They Seem

It’s a hot summer day and I am in between awake and asleep . My imagination runs wild as I listen to the following scenarios playing out in my back yard.

Can you perhaps guess what is really happening ?

I will reveal the three truths at the end:)

Things Are Not Always as They Seem

1/ It is eerily quiet, only the nervous panting can be detected along with the occasional snapping twig and then suddenly the enemy approaches! The boy’s terrified screams are an octave louder than his speaking voice, a sadistic laugh comes from a different boy and it seems the first boy surrenders….

2/The small engine airplane are reverberating at a very annoying decibel. The sometimes whiney, other times reminiscent of the dreaded dentist chair sound is enough to drive even the calmest Buddhists mad.

3/ The drummers are drumming so hard, their sinewy arms almost look motionless. The reverberation can be felt in my chest, the bass-like sound can surely be heard throughout the Serengeti. The roaring reminds me of applause or raucous laughter.

1/children chasing each other with a water gun.


3/rain pelting on the roof


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