Will You?

When I am scared,

Will you hold my hand?

When I forget, will you remind me?

When I can no longer hear , will you repeat things for me?

When I don’t understand, will you take the time to explain?

When I can no longer feed myself, will you be the one who holds the spoon ?

When I can’t find the words, will you fill them in for me?

When I get lost, will you come and find me?

When I am full of wrinkles , will you tell me I am pretty?

When I can no longer see, will you tell me how beautiful the sky is?

When I can’t sleep, will you sing to me?

When I am confused, will you clear things up for me?

When I forget to say it……..will you know how much I love you?

Will you?


9 thoughts on “Will You?

  1. Joan wrote: ” I think you have the heart of a poet, Judith. Your insights really
    resonated with me. Such a cruel disease! And so hard for family and
    friends to understand and deal with.”

    Love Joan

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