For Just a Moment Longer

It is Tuesday night and I have been blissfully on a four day vacation.

I have managed to keep working at bay, not look at beckoning business email and phone calls. I have been concentrating on the moment and the beauty of the days I have passed with my honey, my “baby “her guy and visiting family.

It is going on 6 o’clock . The sun has lowered here on the back deck where I sit under large shades and a floppy straw hat. I allow myself a cool beer as I do on hot sunny afternoons.

I am willing myself to get up from the swing, put down my book, go indoors and set about the business of returning to work; finish up those lunch dishes, bring out a work week’s clothing from the dryer, pack a suitcase, pack some meals for the remainder of the week.

The longer I sit on my porch swing watching the sliver of sun through the holes in my Strawhat. The longer I wait to lift my heavy limbs and wade towards the door as if through water; The longer I can be on vacation.

And so I close the book gently, close my eyes, feel the hot sun against my skin for just a moment longer.



4 thoughts on “For Just a Moment Longer

  1. I Love “just a moment longer” makes me think of the many times I have just sat still for “a moment longer”. Makes me want to go and sit on my porch now and take it all in – I just love reading your post – keeps me connected to you! Miss you Jude –

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