My House

My house is perpetually in need of dusting , sweeping, tidying .

The kitchen needs a good coat of paint, The back deck has boards that need to be replaced. Some of the furniture has seen better days and frankly it could do with some modernizing.

This perpetual state is a choice I make daily.

You see The following things are also in my house ;

there is a porch swing that beckons,
there are shelves of books that call my name,
there are comings and going’s of all kinds,
there are long conversations to be had with a glass of lemonade in hand,
there are long evenings around the fire with a glass of wine in hand.
There are good intentions of cleaning closets when I find myself sitting in the middle of the floor all manner of old photographs and knicknacks around me and I am taken in by memories and reveries.

There are stories to be recounted at the end of the day,
scented bathtubs to lie about in.

There is something cooking in our oven at any time during the day.

There are worried friends to sit with.

Other moms to counsel with.

Book clubs to opine with,
prayer circles to participate in, meditation, daydreaming and dancing to revel in.

Yes there is house maintenance too but for me the choice is clear!


8 thoughts on “My House

      1. Love this post! One of my favourite sayings is that a clean house is the sign of a wasted life…here’s to understanding the true priorities.

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