An Arabian Night

It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years since I experienced one of my Arabian Nights .

June , 2008 

Reconnaissance Dubai

Greetings from hot, dusty Dubai!

Yesterday was 45 and degrees and “dusty”. That’s to say it is so windy and sandy that you can hardly see the buildings. We walked to a restaurant just across the street and there were little sand dunes blowing across the sidewalk.

I am on the 17th floor surrounded by windows however the only thing I see for miles is cranes and construction!

It is incredibly hot (even for me) and fascinating to see all the robed men and women as well as understanding all the different robes and colors and what tribes they all represent. It is very strange being “completely invisible” to some of the men and by invisible I don’t mean anything sexual I just mean….we do not exist! Look passed you, speak over you in Arabic to someone else, pass in front of you, don’t look at you when talking to you etc…

Of course every one who is not Emirate is from some other country and it is a gigantic swirl of ethnicity.

Presently I am on the arabian couch on my enclosed balcony eating what I usually eat on my first night here; tabouleh-homus- spinach and cheese pastries and pita and arabic bread.

The moon is quite lovely over the courtyard. It occurs to me I am experiencing a literal ” Arabian Night” .



One thought on “An Arabian Night

  1. Joan Cusack wrote:
    Oh, You are making me hungry!! Yup, that is a perfect Arabian Night-it is great that you are writing this all down, and you make me wish I had kept a journal–Joan.

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