Bipolar Sky

It’s a bipolar sky today.

One moment crystal clear blue and sweet and calming and a large bubble wrap of happiness in the morning while this afternoon it is angry and dark and menacing. It is as though the heavens had a momentary dark thought.

It is the first time she kills a man and hopefully it will be the only and last time.

This highway can be bright on those full moon and starry nights but this late October night is anything but bright.

The driving rain hits the windshield with fury and the pavement is slick and winding. She resists the urge to change the dial on the radio so conscious is she of the driving conditions. Her eyes peeled for any moose activity. Her ears listening for she know’s not what and her knuckles white as she clasps the steering wheel.

Suddenly; she see’s it to her right; head down and stepping out in front of her car. She is so relieved to have seen it on time to swerve! She thanks God for saving her as well as this young deer. If only her swerve had not caused her to cut off the car on her left.

“I am afraid there has been an accident ” she hears herself say to a stranger on the other end of the phone.

The stranger drops the coffee mug she had been holding and holds on to the kitchen counter to prevent her from crumbling to the floor. For some strange reason she glances at the clock, relieved that it is 10 in the morning where she is because everyone knows that horrible news only ever happens at night. Right?

On the stranger’s end the day simply does not fit the situation. The sun is shining, the air is neither too cold nor too warm, the traffic is light, her hair did not need any coaxing this morning, her family and friends are all there and her aunt is making her favorite meal.

There is nothing worse than that moment when you are waiting to hear what you know will be some terrible news. You wait in a suspended minute aware that things will never be the same again when the truth finally arrives. You hold on tight, duck your head in as though to absorb the blow and then it hits you in the face.

“Yes. I am so incredibly sorry. It was absolutely unavoidable.” The driver hears herself saying. Of course in her heart; She knows in fact it could have been avoided. She didn’t have to have that last drink .


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