Time Stands Still in St. Andrews -by-the-Sea, NB

May 2013

A few years ago at around this time my family and I had our 13th stay in as many years at the beautiful, graceful and timeless Algonquin Hotel in St Andrews by The Sea.This

It was Victoria Day Weekend and my family and I were feeling nostalgic as we first stayed here one winter night 13 years ago just a short while after moving to Atlantic Canada.

It is certainly a bittersweet stay this time around as we know that the hotel is changing management companies.

There is always a sense of stepping back in time when in the Algonquin. As we sit in the aptly named Algonquin chairs sipping lemonade on the front lawn, enjoy a cup of tea on the large front veranda or simply enjoy a stroll in the garden we cannot help but imagine the scene 100 years ago when people did exactly the same things all be it with a slightly more Edwardian attire:)

We spend the afternoon walking along “Water Street” the main street in St Andrews which is as the name suggests along the water. This street is lined with colonial style homes, cafes, a wharf filled with Lobster Sighting Boats and is the place to come for ice cream, to ring the town bell or just people watch.

We make a quick dash to the Hotel roof garden to watch the incredible sunset on this uncharacteristically hot May  evening. The sky is incredibly gorgeous. A fiery orange and pink. We can just about pick out Ile St Croix which is where the first European settlers arrived in 1649 and died of the elements. It is a hot, calm May night 362 years later. We watch a breathtaking aurevoir to the sun followed by dinner in the restaurant in the way dinner was meant to be:)

After dinner we collect at one of the 2 fire pits on the front lawn and exchange stories with fellow guests from various parts of the world.

A relaxing soak in the hot tub and we are off to bed ready to repeat the same things on our next day because as I have already alluded to ….time stands still here.

It will continue to remain in my “best of times” memories. 




2 thoughts on “Time Stands Still in St. Andrews -by-the-Sea, NB

  1. Having stayed at the Algonquin for 39 days straight with my family (including our shit-zu) when we first relocated to New Brunswick, I have to agree with you that time stand still and that one can’t help but imagine others before, walking around the property and the town. My girl was only 4 at the time and she felt like she owned the place :). The memories will stay with us forever and one day we will return.

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