A Cup full of Salvadore

March, 2014

The year was 1932.

It was the day that the movie “Grand Hotel ” starring Greta Garbo and John Barrymore premiered so naturally, the “Grand Hotel Argentina ” was filled to capacity.

As Mona sat in the hotel dining room watching the steam rise from her teacup she couldn’t do away with the notion that Salvador was very much like the teacup set before her. Not unlike Salvadore, the cup was worn and smooth yet it still shone and sparkled under the right light. Similarly, while at first glance it seemed tiny and delicate it revealed its  sturdiness and deep capacity under closer inspection. She smiled as she reached for the cup and decided that what most reminded her of Sal as she warmed  her hands around the cup itself was  staring into the brown liquid the same way she could lose herself in Sal’ s own liquid brown eyes.

What do you think should happen next dear reader ? Give me some suggestions for Mona 🙂


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