The Trade Show Shuffle OR 27 Steps to Sales Survival Training in Hot and Sunny Dubai

May, 2010-11

The impending arrival of the month of May reminds me of a Hospitality and Tourism Trade-Show I used to attend in May. It is called the “Arabian Travel Mart” (ATM) and takes place in Dubai. May coincides with the beginning of the intense heat in Dubai ….

I’d like to introduce “The Trade Show Shuffle as an alternate to the actual gym. Make sure you do it under intense heat wearing your darkest business suit for maximum effect. Please note you will need to be wearing your darkest  full business suit (black to make it an easier sun target) and heels and carrying brochures, boxes and other items. This Shuffle Must be performed under intense heat and sun. The pedway from the hotel to the area where you are to board a shuttle is at the top of a long and steep flight of stairs… Ready? GO!!

1) once you get to the pedway it is a glass covered pedway over Sheik Sayed Road with no air conditioning and the day is  especially hot and sunny ….

2) pant-pant-pant-dab at the sweat-dab at the sweat…

3) put bags down

4)pick up bags

5) repeat

6) get to the end of the pedway-descend the steep set of stairs….

7) walk in the stretch of sand—

8) climb over the cement dividers

9) wait among the orange construction cones and cranes for the shuttle bus.

10) get on the shuttle,

11) mop your brow and dust yourself off ( this is the shuttle that goes TO the shuttle because now you get off)

12) get on the new shuttle

13) mop your brow

14) dust yourself off

15) get off the new shuttle

16) go in to the convention centre 17) mop your brow 18) dust yourself off 19)  walk 1 km to (or so it seems ) the registration desk 20) mop your brow 21) dust yourself off

22) collect your name badge

23) put bags down

24) pick bags up

25)  pant, pant some more

26)mop your brow again for good measure

27) walk another kilometer (or so it seems) to your actual booth.  If you are like me you may even have a small incident when you literally fall off the stand into the arms of an unsuspecting dish-dash wearing Saudi (man those gotro are tied on tight !) which ends up being fine because you now make some passing remark about how you normally don’t fall in to a man’s arms on your first meeting and Mohamed it turns out does have  a sense of humour and then you begin to talk business.)

28) You depart the Trade Show floor at 7pm and  walk in reverse ( long and steep flight of stairs…pedway ….pant-pant-pant-dab at the sweat-dab at the sweat…put bags down-pick up bags-mop brow -repeat-descend the steep set of stairs….walk in the stretch of sand—climb over the cement dividers and bags of unmixed cement arrive at transportation area. Crawl to your car …and drive to Hotel. Repeat for 4 days !


5 thoughts on “The Trade Show Shuffle OR 27 Steps to Sales Survival Training in Hot and Sunny Dubai

  1. I know you have been on that fitness programme yourself over the years 🙂 I would welcome it right now as I am still seeing snow on my front lawn


  2. I hope the Emu Oil I was gifted smooths out the laugh lines on my body. LOL. Your stories are so vivid. Excuse me while I move to the fridge for some Gatorade, that trip has left me parched! Looking forward to the next adventure. Ethel

    Liked by 1 person

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