Sea Signs OR Em”Ocean” or Sometimes a Great “N’Ocean”

April, 2015

Lately I have been faced with a decision that needed to be made.

So …..

This afternoon I went for a walk along the cold and windy beach because it is where I do my best thinking. I walk for those who cannot walk and lift my face to the sun for those who are in the dark.

There is no ebb and flow as the water immediately along the shore is frozen and my eyes can not see “out there” where the water is churning


I can steel feel the bite of the wind on my face at the same time as the heat of the sun on that small patch above my right shoulder blade. I still need my shades against the sparkling sun bouncing off the crusty white snow covered beach and… when there is a lull in John Lennon’s “Imagine” on my Ipod I can still hear the sea gulls lamenting.

All this to say; I can still feel the universe doing what it has done for millions of years regardless of what joy-hurt-laughter, pain or forks in the road is going on in someone’s life.

So this is what I think about this difficult decision . What are the pros? What are the cons? What does the big picture look like? Will I regret making this choice ? Will I regret NOT making this choice more ? What are my family’s thoughts?

I look out to that wide expanse which;  were I to set out swimming straight-ahead would bring me to Europe and I ask….. ” Can you please show me some kind of sign of what I should decide”?

I I turn my back to walk away from the beach. My iPod has shut itself off. Once seated behind the wheel of my car I turn my iPod back on only to determine if it is still working. The music shuffle is now out of sequence. I don’t know where it will land . At first I cannot hear anything and when I increase the volume I see it has landed on The Beatles “Let it Be”.


I’ve decided to take this as the sign I have requested.



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