An Apple ” Knock-off”!

February, 2014

When I saw the blood on my sweater and hands I didn’t at first understand until I followed the blood trail , saw the axe in my other hand and saw her body prostrate on the ground, arms akimbo, blade marks across her neck.

Odd that her arms were not shielding her neck?   Yolanda did not even look like Yolanda with that frozen terrified look on her face.   Well, I guess I got a little carried away . Though I was revolted and disgusted by what I had obviously done it served her right!   The nerve!   Her having entered the apple pie bake-off when she knew how important it was for me to win and she knew I didn’t stand a chance at winning against her!

Just as I pried the prize recipe from her rigor mortis hands I woke with a start …within a few minutes I couldn’t remember the dream but I was thinking …”I’d kill for a glass of Apple juice right now”.


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