So Many Questions??

So Many Questions

My head hurts.

I am so unbelievably scared!

I don’t know where I am!

I know I am “me “, I just don’t know who “me “is!

I don’t have anything to identify myself.

My short cracked fingernails and moles seem vaguely familiar but I can’t see my face!

Was I riding this bicycle off to the side of me?

It’s 4 o’clock.

Where was I going? And why?

Why are there no cars or other people around?

Is it 4 PM or 4 AM?

I am wearing a ring. Am I married?

It’s 4:15.

I am so-o-o thirsty and I have to walk because the chain on this bicycle is broken.

Am I walking in the right direction?

Am I walking towards something?

Is that a castle I see?

What the hell?

It’s getting cold and darker. I guess the 4: 30 on my watch is definitely p.m.

Oh thank God!

Someone is coming on a dirt bike.

Oh my God!

It’s George Clooney!


Is he my husband?

My boss?

Good Lord he’s not my son is he?

Am I dead?

Say what?

O-o-oh I see!

Yes I suppose I have been gone for 45 minutes now and sure;

When you put it to me that way I guess I am holding up production for the movie . Yes, yes of course

It was an honor to be made an extra in the movie . Sorry to have let you down by falling off the bike and losing consciousness.


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