PART 2 Eating our Way Through France or.. Jude plays the part of Julia Roberts


It was a long (10 hours) on the TGV Train (Tres Grande Vitesse meaning Very Rapid Speed). On this day a veritable sweat box and hunger journey . The air conditioning is not working on the train which coincides with an  unprecedented heat wave in Southern France. The train has windows you can not open and there is no food left in the trolley but that is inconsequential to our “Pau” leg of this journey.

Lescar (Outside of Pau), France

My wonderful friend and her daughter are quickly sainted by us as they come to retrieve us, whisk us off in their wide open old hippie mobile (A dune buggy with flowers on it ) take us to our rooms and serve up a delicious a cold mediterranean supper al fresco.

A little freshening up and in to the town of Pau we go for the Occidental Festival. This is an assembly of all the various Occidental regions showing off the music-food-wines-art of their particular region. Oc is short for Occidental and THAT my onophile friends is the region where the “pays d’oc” wines come from.

St Jean de luz,  Spain

This morning (another scorcher by the way) sees us driving off to St Jean de Luz, Spain where we meet up with another friend of mine and her daughters and enjoy a picnic complete with Champagne at a beautiful vista atop a cliff looking down in the ocean. We spend the afternoon. swimming and playing in the water and then walk around the town where we see the church that Louis XIV was married in as well as one of his homes and the home he had built for his wife the Infante.

Oh yeah and there are lots of chocolatiers in town too! Mmmmm

Our journey will continue next Tuesday….


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