Life IS a Day at The Beach! (seaside treasures)

Lately my mind has not only been wandering to sand, sun and a day at my beloved beach but I’ve also been strolling down memory lane to a time when I was accompanied to the beach with my little one..

September ,1997

Saturday, September 26 was a gorgeous and sunny 22° day. I thought it perfectly suited for the beach.

My two and a half year old daughter and I tumbled out of the car with lunch baskets, pales, shovels, picture books and windbreakers in hand.

We raced along the boardwalk in a hurry to find the greatest spot of sand and surf.

After deciding on a location we spread out our blanket , kicked off our shoes and socks and declared the beach our own.

The sun was very strong, the water sparkled and we counted up to nine sailboats dancing in the distance. Though the water was icy cold at first, our body temperature adjusted and then it proved perfect for building sand castles and making “chocolate soup”.

As the day wore on my baby grew tired of chasing the Seagulls and her squeals of delight at every wave that tickled her toes became a little fainter.

Time for a feast. We sat with our faces to the wind and drank up the warm sun as we shared our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We wiggled our toes in the sand and chatted about the shape of the clouds and why it is that dried up algae is so very different looking from living algae? Why do sand crabs walk sideways? What are the clams doing hiding under the wet sand?  And more importantly why don’t the Seagulls come when I call them?

My little girl child ever the team player, the little mother and the friend, assured herself that I was comfortable, told me how much she loved me between fifty-two  kisses, patted my back in a circular motion and was certain to save me even the tiniest bit of cookie to share with her.

As the sun grew a little less brilliant and the wind picked up,  we packed our bags and headed towards the parking lot. This time we strolled down the boardwalk careful not to upset our booty of seashells, stones and others seaside treasures.

As I tucked my baby in to bed that night and as we thanked each other for a beautiful day,  I couldn’t decide which part of the day I had enjoyed the most. The two of us holding hands lying on our backs trying to pick out “cloud animals ” ? Or watching her pretty little fingers work her sand cake magic?…

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like having a two-year-old. I tell them… It’s just like a day at the beach!

What are some of your sweetest memories of summer days?


6 thoughts on “Life IS a Day at The Beach! (seaside treasures)

  1. Your love for your daughter and for the beach is coming out loud and clear in this blog :). You made me think… I spent my summers between mom and dad’s. Time with my mom was spent at the campground with my “summer” friends. We lived all over the Gaspé coast but for 2 months we all lived on the campground. We loved it!


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