On Ageing, Reflecting and Reminiscing….or Ode to my 1980s Sisters.

February 2015

I could say that  we are so old now , that we have the original copy of the ten commandments,


that we are so old now , that our back goes out more often than we do.

I might also say our idea of an “all nighter” is not having to get up to pee .

And I most certainly could mention that our get up and go has got up and gone

BUT ….

I was taught to respect elders ….

So instead, let us step back in time just for a moment:

It was the best of times it was the worst of times …

It was ….the 1980’s…

When we all shared a house in Ottawa while working/studying.

A cast of many who shared a cold—-old—–  three-story house with pink walls and an impressive hole under the kitchen sink.

No heat to speak of—– a permanent oil-leak smell—–one bathroom / no shower—-

Gawd!!!! How we loved that place!

A revolving door of musicians— photographers—- painters—– poets—- travelers—-adventurers—–early environmentalists—– scholars—– and if I may use the word “loosely”—- intellectuals and sometimes questionable couch surfers where the main characters remained;  A, M, J and myself.

Our address ; 571 O’Connor Street was in the Glebe in Ottawa long before it was “fashionable ” to live in the Glebe. It was dubbed the “571 Republic ” and a true Republic it was!

It is you ladies who  ” moved” me ………..

Because ———-

one of you actually owned  a car.

It was there that I was ” protected ” ……..

Or at least I was that  one time when one of you was the only one brave enough to kill a rat that had terrorized some of us for days !

And… It was there that we all were  ……….“taught” ………..

To drink .

We got interested in “collecting” ………

Empty Bottles of wine under the side board.

It is also because of  that time in my life  that I know there are little “sit” bones in my butt because I learned to ride a horse .

You also tried to teach me to drive a standard car but ….through no fault of yours I proved to be a very lazy student and to this day I can only drive an automatic.

We were always up for…… a fun night—– a celebration—— a cause—- a fund-raiser —– a road trip —– a night dancing——,

We collected people……. like other people collected sea shells or stamps .  We found something interesting in everyone . We were  fiercely proud of being  women!

I distinctly remember having a sign on our refrigerator that read “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle

Since then of course….. we have all found our  “special” bicycles, raised  children, and grown in to “usually” responsible grown-ups however I know our  minds often  wander back to the Republic days…and no wonder….it was such a special time.

There’s a lot of the younger us in the older us and thank the stars !

We’ve come a long way baby!

Here’s to being roomies in the here after…



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