On Flying Up Front: Homage to a Good Friend (and former boss) for 85th Birthday

November, 2014

On Flying Up Front : Homage to a Good Friend  (and former boss) for his 85th Birthday:

I have so many wonderful wonderful memories of working with Mr. H.

My earliest memories are from working the front desk of a hotel in Ottawa..

On a crazy, busy night where you hardly had time to breathe; nothing would make you glance down at your “House Count” quicker than a glimpse of Mr. H coming towards the front desk on his evening stroll. Beautiful Ascot knotted at the neck, one hand in pocket jiggling change, small dog at the end of a leash. Even if there was a line-up, Mr. H would wait a little to the side of the line just waiting to catch my eye so that I could relay the house count number .

If I was lucky, he would actually ask how far we were going to take the inventory that night . It was the highlight of my day.

But what I most remember Mr. H for will be a surprise to everyone;

Simply put ; Mr. H made a woman out of me …….and not in the way that you think…..

My first international trip as Sales Manager was at Mr. H’s side. I was accompanying him but he made it look like he was accompanying me;)

I had been able to score complimentary plane tickets from Ottawa to Brazil. When we got to the airport Mr. H discovered that we were booked in economy and was of the opinion that that would not do for us.

His immediate plan was to call our contact who had given us the plane tickets and advise that there had been some kind of mistake and that we needed to be in Business Class!

What was he THINKING! The girl in me cried. It was 10 o’clock at night and he was phoning this man at home!

While I fretted about this decision, Mr. H turned to me and asked if I had ever flown in Business Class before?

Of COURSE I hadn’t!

He then calmly explained that once you have flown business class there is no going back to economy!

He was RIGHT!

The trip went beautifully. We met hundreds of people at trade breakfasts, we received lots of Brazilian business the following year and what’s more; after 14 days on the road together, Mr. H and I were not only still speaking to each other but had a deep mutual respect for one another. I had become a woman 🙂

It was only years later that I realized a big part of anyone’s success is to play the part in a way that suggests you already got the part.

Act like you are already a winner and a winner you will become. And on that long ago trip winning was determined by us sitting at the front of the plane.

From the bottom of this woman’s heart ;

Happy 85th Birthday Mr. H!

Wishing you many many more years of touching people’s lives.

Love and Best Wishes

P.S. To this day I ONLY fly economy if I ABSOLUTELY have to:)


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