I Miss

I Miss  

I miss sticky finger hugs around my waist and sweet milk breath on my face.

I miss rolling out of bed with tousled hair still young enough not to have to do anything with my face or have to care.

I miss wondering if one day my tall dark and handsome will be there and wondering how many children I Will bear.

I miss being able to share jokes with mom and send her long rambling emails , catch snails and see my puppy wag his tail.

I miss being the most beautiful and the smartest mommy on the planet.

I miss being able to drink wine and dance late into the night without feeling as though I had been hit by a truck the next morning damn it!

I miss hearing the incessant mom, mom, mom! And darn it all…

I still love the butterflies in my stomach when my tall dark and handsome comes to call.

I miss the child’s drawings, the scent of Johnson’s baby lotion and the scratching on the fiddle.

I miss going to a place every day knowing exactly what I am supposed to do or even;  know just a little !

I miss the 100 decisions that each day begs.

I miss the recycled air of the airplane and the sticky airplane seat at the back of my legs.

I miss the mornings when my baby crawled in to bed with me.

I miss sitting in a classroom learning things I’ve never heard before that will soon elude me.

I miss all the places necessitating a little black dress and heels.

I miss having my passport stamped from a country I have never been to before and how that feels.

I miss dad being the smartest in the world.

I miss my little girl.

I miss many things and yet I know ;

That’s just how life is meant to go

and so

I stand arms outstretched and with open heart, To await this next wonderful part.



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