A Place in The Sun

June 20th, 2014

 A Place in The Sun

It’s early morning on a perfect summer day. Not one cloud in the sky. The gentlest breeze. Birds chirping. Clean sheets flapping in the wind. It’s that special time when even the day herself is waking up. Eyes only partly open, arms outstretched to remove the night’s curl. The quiet hour before the din of lawnmowers, the clanging of pots and pans for the morning´s meal and the to-do list comes out.

From my porch swing with coffee and books as my morning nourishment I sit and contemplate in the early morning sun. It is the sought after “place in the sun”. A tiny patch, a taste of heaven that I carve out for myself.

Somewhere out there a baby is crying, someone’s loved one has just passed away, someone has just received bad news, someone is ill, someone is sad , someone is happy , someone is glad, someone’s at war, someone has just had a fight with their spouse, someone is getting ready for their lovers arrival, someone is earning a living, someone is looking for work , someone has just eaten an enormous breakfast while someone else has no food to eat, someone has just had a baby , someone else’s child has not come home.

Someone somewhere out there…..

But here on my porch swing for just a few sunny moments those things cannot touch me.



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