This Is It!

September, 2013

This is it!

It was exactly September in 1997 when we and our baby girl  flew out of Ottawa to come live in NB.

I’ve watched our baby collect rocks, play with Barbie Dolls, step dance, fiddle, sing opera 🙂  put plays together, learn to swim, bake, ride a bike, drive, have her first drink and fall in love.

Most importantly I’ve seen her become a responsible, kind, independent, smart, funny, gorgeous and fun young lady.

Now it is September 2013 and we are back in Ottawa to hand our baby over to that next stage in her life which she is so incredibly ready for even though I am not.

I will miss her more than she will understand but I must let her go.

I am torn between wanting her to stay little and in my house and eager to see all that she will accomplish and make right in the world!

We hold on incredibly tight and share tears when we said goodbye but she is already so embracing her University life and all the activities and new relationships and adventures it offers that it makes it a little easier to leave.

Good Luck little Bird…we have been preparing you for this for 17 years 🙂



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