The Prom

June, 2013

The Prom

Finally ! The long anticipated Senior Prom is upon us!

The Prom.


The “Prom”ise of that next phase in life.

A “Prom”issory note for our kids who will right the wrongs of tomorrow.

Judging by the beautiful kids it also looks like a “Prom”otion for pearly white teeth, long flowing locks and sun tans!

Smiles, excitement and anticipation are “Prom”inent.

Each of our kids the “Prom”itheous of their proud mom + dad.

It is a gorgeous sunny day!

The kind of day brought on by an empathetic “Mom” Nature, a few rosary beads on the clothesline the night before and a wet dewy morning.

Lucy’s daughter’s boyfriend  arrives and gets in to his black tuxedo. vest, jacket, white shirt and black bow tie. He is very dashing and is being silly of course imitating John Clease’ (Monty Python) walk in his slick and slippery black leather shoes as well as threatening that he will wear his work boots:)

He presents his prom date (Lucy’s daughter) her lovely wrist corsage with one orchid that matches her dress. She pins a small matching orchid boutoniere on him.

All the moms eyes mist up as beautiful young lady after beautiful young lady arrive!  They have watched these 20 or so girls turn in to young women. They witnessed these same girls play dress up, twirl in their too big high healed shoes, too long strands of pearls and too big hats. They have seen them stage plays, and play soccer and walk to school holding hands clutching their Winnie the Pooh lunch boxes and for at least 3 of them they  have tucked them all in for bed at one of their 3 houses, shushed them when it was time to go sleep and heard all 3 of them giggling in to the wee hours.

At 7/30 the convertibles, dune buggies, decorated golf carts, limos, party busses, horse drawn carriages and even a boat up on its trailer begin to arrive. The cars stop at the red carpet. The couples get out and pose for a few pics and the huge crowd claps as the couples enter the school. This is  a night worthy of “Oscar” night.

The crowd is  at first quizzical and then break  out in loud cheers as they see this big high and very loud monster truck arrive. The truck is completely caked in mud (on purpose I might ad) and no one can see who is in there.

The truck stops,  Lucy’s daughter’s date hops down, buttons his tux jacket, looking very 007ish as he puts on his shades, walks around the truck, opens the passenger door and lifts his date out of the truck. It is a surprise for everyone I believe to see these 2 well turned kids come out of this truck 🙂

The little boys we have come to know have also turned out to be handsome young men, the jaws now square, the shoulders broader, the voices deeper and….the mischief still there 🙂 the absolute need to jump on the trampoline, run the fingers through the icing on the cake, jostle and tease during the photo taking.

Later in the evening they are driven to a beach sand pit where they meet with all the other grads and party all night long round the bonfire.

24 hours well lived! A Rite of passage observed, a daughter and a son grown, a new day..!



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