Not Sure How She Got Here?

February 2009

Not Sure How She Got Here?

She feels like she  just woke up.

She’s truly not sure of not only HOW she  got here but how she  got here so FAST!

The doctor told her to keep pushing one Tuesday morning in 1995 and she heard a cry and then she saw her husband changing a diaper on the tail gate of his pick up truck.  She closed her eyes just for a minute and her  baby was running bare bottom in the ocean just prior to learning to ride a bike. She opened her eyes and her child was singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the kindergarten school concert in her little red plaid dress and black Mary Janes.

Baby thought her mommy was beautiful and smart and Baby was going to marry her  Daddy. By the time she realized what was happening Baby was a darn good little fiddler and volley ball player and her little pigtails had become a sleak and stylish hair cut.

Her baby traded in her bubble gum tattoos and stickers for mascara and exchanged Franklin The Turtle Books for Teen Magazines. She swore she was buckling Baby in her car seat last week and TODAY SHE DROVE BABY TO THE STORE SO SHE COULD BUY A VALENTINE GIFT FOR HER FIRST BOYFRIEND!

Maybe she took a wrong turn??? Not sure….but here she is!


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