A Classic Afternoon

They went for a 2 hour drive. Their purpose was to take in the scent of the ocean and the bogs and marshes after the heavy rainfall the day before and to educate the girl in the Rock Music Classics.

When it’s just you and the winding road and the wind in your hair you can crank up the tunes and sing yourself silly and the only thing standing between you and Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven is a 13 and half year old who believes her generation invented good music!

Bowie and Zeppelin 101 were well received . Queen and Heart were familiar due to “Guitar Hero” and while Hendrix took the prize for being “fou” meaning “crazy” (in french) the girl is still digesting Lynard Skynard.

Van Morrison produced a glazing over of the eyes “The Who” held promise and alas they found themselves in their driveway so the lesson was over.

A “Classic” Afternoon to be remembered for sure.


One thought on “A Classic Afternoon

  1. Music is universal but When all you heard till you re Young is Lady Gaga Commercial stuff it must be hard to compare , to judge and to appreciate when you hear good stuff. Don t worry with time she will develop her own preference be patient . Patience and time is the key here .These comments are from I hate cats edition 1983 Calendar from. chevalerie1234@hotmail.com


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