And On The 7th Day

Circa 2010

 And On The 7th Day

It’s Sunday Morning!!!

There is absolutely nothing more wonderful than Sunday mornings.

OK maybe Christmas morning and maybe chocolate Birthday Cake and I suppose your child’s first words and first steps rank pretty high but from a consistent, rain or shine, good week, busy week, winter or summer point of view SUNDAY MORNING practically arrives with its own CD of angelic music and halo doesn’t it?

I actually go to sleep on Saturday nights with the anticipation of Sunday morning.
Just due to the thought of sitting up in bed with my coffee and newspaper and morning devotion. All snug in my warm blankets in winter or lounging on top of the sheets  under my ceiling fan in summer.

The “To-Do” List still at least one hour away. Breakfast eaten “IN” the bed and the sound of slippers flopping around the house, family members yawning and stretching and watching time stand still just for an hour longer.

Even when little, my child understood the 7th day ritual padding in to our bed and though we immediately commenced playing and talking upon waking we did so in the bed loyally observing Sunday morning. 

Sunday morning demands much respect and should be treated as such.
Hope you have a well deserved 7th day.



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