Sunday Evenings

February 2011

Sunday Evening

It is a cold rainy/snowy gray Sunday and I am so happy!

I have written about this before but I still have the same sentiment ; sunny Sunday, gray Sunday, winter Sunday, summer Sunday I still feel the same way;

Sunday late afternoon is a time for chores, for setting things straight, for making things right for planning a brand new week with its promise of adventure and opportunities.

Perhaps it is the desire to throw off the modern woman once a week but Sundays brings out the June Cleaver in me.

I am eager to wash the breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes of my very own unique and wonderful family. Elated to  sweep, mop and dust away a previous week’s worth of half drunk water bottles , the fallen sugar grains, dried raisins or flour specs from baking as well as canine paw prints.

I lovingly wash, dry, fluff and fold clothes smiling to myself as I put them away or hang in closets. I smile because it smells of a vibrant family  who has places to go and people to be with. I straighten bed spreads and cushions, right books and magazines in book shelves. Put caps on face cream and foundation and am reminded of not so long ago when it was jars of vaseline and bottles of baby powder I was re-arranging.

My  family engrossed in their own Sunday activities do not see me pause in the stairs my arms full of folded laundry and a melee of hockey sticks, ski goggles, ice skates and a walking stick that  have taken up residence in the entryway over the winter. I pause only so that I can capture their perfect image in my mind and imprint it in my heart. Two bent and towsled heads full of hair leaning in the same direction.

The June Cleaver that comes out especially on Sundays is so filled with love for them she wants to “do” for them, provide them with, assist them to and keep them safe and somehow this translates to laundry, cleaning and folding sometimes:)

Of course this incredible joy and blessing is totally unfair to other less fortunate families out there BUT as I cannot trade places with them I owe it to them to recognize how blessed I am and revel in my extraordinary life.

Now if you will excuse me the “rinse” cycle beckons me…


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