The Bathrobe

November 2006

The Bathrobe

This  past weekend  I  was  cleaning  out  some  of  the  chlothes  that  no  longer  fits my daughter  and  I  had  a  moment  that  any of  you  who  are  moms  will  totally  appreciate  and  some  of  you  “non”  moms  as  well……Here is  what  was  running  through my  head  as  I  put  her  Bathrobe  (which  she  wore  from  age  2  to  10)  in 

the  “Good  Will”  box……

To  whom  is  now  wearing  this  little  robe….. 

Though  this  bathrobe  is  not  new,

It’s  filled  with  happy  memories  from  Me  to  You!

It  has  rocked  on  my  Granny’s  knees,

It has seen many Christmas Mornings

And  has  heard  many  bed  time  stories,

Its sleeves  have  been  dragged  through  much  toast  with  peanut  butter,

Its  belt  has  been  tugged  at  by  my  puppy  and

Its  warmed  me  on  many  a  cool    winter   nights.

Its  gotten  soggy  from  me  taking  my  bath,  comforted  me  when  I  was  not  feeling  well,  provided  just  the right  door  flap  for  my blanket  / sheet  “tent”,  gathered  dust  from  the  very  top  stair   where  I  wait  for  my mom  to  come  up.

Its been  tugged,  tickled,  hugged,  loved,  washed  and  WORN  but  now  I 

am  too  big !


YOU  are  just  the  right  size! 

Hope  you  enjoy  it! 

If  you  hold  it  real  tight  I 

think  you  can  still  hear  the  giggles!


2 thoughts on “The Bathrobe

  1. Jude – this touched my heart – I have good will bags of Morgan’s cloths that I usually give to the little girls at our church and when I see them wearing one of her dresses or an outfit – I do the same thing – I tell them a story about the item that sparks a memory of Morgan! Gosh – I love the way you write!


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